Who we are Get to Know us

L.Z COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS is a reseller of well-known computers brands which include Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Canon, Apple, Dell, Crypto, Genius, Kingston, Microsoft, Optoma, Lexmark, DLink, IBM and other well-known products and brands. In addition L.Z COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS resell computer accessories and consumables.

L.Z COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS is a reseller of well-known made software solutions which include Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), Human Resources Management (HRM) , Customer Relationship Management (CRM) , Operating Systems (OS) , Office software, Antivirus (software) and many other software categories.

L.Z COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS is a leading provider of custom software solutions (mobile and cloud) and website development solutions. We are a skilful and qualified group of analysts, programmers, business and technology enthusiasts that share a common goal of helping our customers succeed. Our diverse expertise allows us to approach business challenges from a unique perspective. We focus on helping our clients build reliable and robust next generation software.

We are a reputable company. We have a solid foundation in Systems Design & Software development as well as management which is based on years of experience on delivering projects successfully within budget and time. Furthermore the methodology and technology that we are using enables our team to develop flexible,  and reliable systems in time of other competitors. Therefore our customers benefit from much lower TCO (total cost of ownership) and enjoy superior support.